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It is regrettable that the martyrs of Chauri Chaura have not had their proper place in the pages of history: PM Modi | India News


GORAKHPUR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Thursday that it was “unfortunate” that those who gave their lives in the Chauri Chaura incident in 1922 did not have their proper place in the pages of history.
“What happened in Chauri Chaura 100 years ago was seen as a simple incident of arson at a police station. Its message was very big and broad. Before, whenever Chauri Chaura was discussed, it was seen in the context of a simple arson “. But the fire was not only in the police station, but also in the hearts of the indigenous people, “said the prime minister.
He spoke after inaugurating via videoconference the celebrations of the centenary of the historic Chauri Chaura incident, a milestone in the country’s struggle for Independence.
“Chauri Chaura (incident) was a self-motivated struggle of the common people. It is regrettable that the martyrs of this incident have not been given a prominent place in the pages of history … I am grateful to Chief Minister Adityanath’s team for the year – long celebrations, “he said.
The prime minister said there were few incidents during the freedom struggle in which 19 freedom fighters received capital punishment for one incident.
“At a time when the British were insisting on capital punishment, Baba Raghav Das and Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya saved 150 of them from the gallows,” Modi said.
He said that young people should write investigative articles and bring out new facts about this incident.
A group of freedom fighters participating in the non-cooperation movement started by Mahatma Gandhi in 1922 they were shot by the police, causing the death of many of them. In retaliation, the protesters attacked and set fire to the Chauri Chaura police station, killing many of its occupants.
Gandhi had canceled the movement due to violence.

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