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IAF chief, RKS Bhadauria: Rafale jets have caused concern in China’s camp, says IAF chief | India News


BENGALURU: Affirming that India has made adequate deployments to China’s border to deal with the ongoing conflict with BeijingIAF chief RKS Bhadauria said Thursday that the induction of the Rafale jets has caused concerns in the Chinese camp, as they had deployed J-20 fighter jets near Indian territory as soon as the French-sourced jets were joined the Indian air fleet.
“The current situation is that the talks are ongoing. We have deployed our forces that are necessary. It all depends on how the talks go. A lot of attention is being paid to that and if the de-escalation and disconnection starts, it would be good. If it doesn’t happen. or a new situation happens, we are fully prepared for that, “IAF chief Bhadauria told ANI.
On reports of a pullback by China in the Ladakh sector, Bhadauria said: “On the Chinese side, there have been some pullbacks from the perspective of air deployment and changes in deployment. But there are some other actions that have been contrary. how to strengthen their air defense capabilities. These deployments have not been reduced and are being strengthened. ”
“We modify our implementations or the level of readiness based on what we see in the field.”
Noting the actions and capabilities of the Chinese side, the IAF chief said: “They had brought their J-20 fighter jets (to areas near East Ladakh) and departed from there, but that’s the flexibility of air power. The Indian moment They brought Rafales, their J-20 was there. We know their actions and capabilities and we are taking the necessary measures. ”
If the induction of the Rafale jets has caused concerns in the Chinese field, he said: “Of course it will.”
On how the LCA Tejas induction will help the Air Force squad strength, he said: “With the LCA induction, we have stopped the drop in the number of squadrons that are being depleted and now we have reversed it to start increasing. Let’s go. to start up. 30 squads now. ”
Furthermore, the IAF chief called the increase in defense budget capital outlay as “a big step”, which will provide adequate budget support amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
“We all know the effect of the pandemic and its impact on the economic scenario. To achieve this level (20 billion rupees) of increase in capital outlay, it is a big step for the government to provide that kind of budget support,” he told ANI on whether the increased budget for modernization would meet IAF requirements.
“Last year also, additional funding of Rs 20 billion was provided. That helped the emerging acquisition plans of the three forces and that really helped us. I think it is suitable for our capacity development,” he added.
This statement comes after the defense forces received an overall increase of around 7.4 percent from last year as they were provided 3.62 million rupees, excluding pensions, amid China’s military standoff. .
In addition, the defense forces received an increase of more than 18 per cent over last year in capital outlay for the acquisition of new weapons systems, as rupees of 1.35 lakh were provided over the millions from rupees to 1.13 crore last year.

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