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Government Proposes Sanctions Against Institutions That Fail To Comply With Registration Standards In Revised Senior Law Bill | India News


NEW DELHI: With the increase in the aging population, the government proposes to include a penalty clause in the revised version of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Elderly People (Amendment) Bill of 2019 to guarantee minimum standards in institutions care for the elderly. and foresee actions against those who fail to comply with the registration rules.
It emerged that the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has proposed the inclusion of a strict sanction clause that could invite a one-year jail term for those who work without registration or render substandard services.
This proposal will require the approval of the Ministry of Justice and then must be sent to Cabinet before the revised bill can be presented to Parliament. From the invoice is listed among others As part of the matter to be addressed in the ongoing budget session ending in April, the revised bill is likely to go to Cabinet for approval soon.
The 2019 bill proposed to convert not only biological children, but also adopted children, stepchildren and stepchildren, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law and minors through legal guardians, responsible for the care and maintenance of parents. It was also proposed to remove the maximum limit of Rs 10,000 as maximum maintenance and enhanced punishment for children who do not comply.
The amendment bill, which proposed to replace the 2007 Act that is currently in effect, was first approved by Cabinet in December 2019 and was later presented at Lok Sabha. The latter referred it to the permanent committee on social justice and empowerment for its review and report. The standing committee presented its report in Parliament on the first day of the budget session on January 29.
The 31-member standing committee chaired by Rama Devi noted in its report that homes for the elderly have so far been established in only 482 districts. The committee recommended that a provision could be added in the 2019 bill to say that care centers will be established with a time limit, starting with at least one in each district. In addition, he recommended that the government include a provision stating that “the government establishes in each state geriatric health facilities, hospitals and separate research centers dedicated to the medical care of the elderly in each state with a time limit.”

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