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Driving to control alcohol abuse, not to pressure the BJP government, says Uma Bharti | India News


BHOPAL: One day after announcing the launch of an addiction elimination campaign in Madhya Pradesh, BJP leader Uma Bharti told Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan that the campaign would be an anti-alcohol awareness campaign. and drugs. The deputy cabinet minister, Vishwas Sarang, has also supported Bharti for his campaign saying that it is not political but social.
“I said about a public awareness campaign against drug abuse and alcoholism in the state. Since you are a fair person, you are also concerned that poor people will be ruined by addiction to alcohol and drugs. I have made it clear that you should not There should be a political statement on this issue and not any undue pressure on the state government, but rather a sincere effort to help people to voluntarily quit addiction by awakening their social conscience, “Bharti’s letter said.
The BJP leader further said that in India independent of Gandhi’s imagination, there was de-addiction and prohibition. “The efforts made in the country so far to wake up have been more successful socially than politically or by the government,” he said.
Bharti said that Madhya Pradesh is a peaceful state with a cultural heritage, therefore, on March 8, a discussion will be held on efforts towards social awakening. “We will continue to exchange thoughts with you (CM) in this regard. My endeavor would be to play a cooperative role with the government in the control of drug and alcohol addiction,” he said.
Uma Bharti had announced on Wednesday that she would launch a state campaign against alcohol and drug use since Women’s Day. His announcement comes at a time when Congress has been targeting the ruling BJP on the grounds that the state is turning into a “land of liquor.”
Meanwhile, the deputy’s cabinet minister, Vishwas Sarang, has defended Bharti for his demand for a total ban. He said that Bharti was real and that he would support the cause. “Uma Bharti is a high-ranking party leader. She has taken up a social cause and not any political action. This is for the good of the people and the state,” Sarang said.

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