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Cops smell conspiracy in document tweeted by Thunberg, FIR file | India News


NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell launched an investigation following an FIR into a document tweeted by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Wednesday night.
Police aim to establish the identity of the creators of this toolkit with detailed plans to create disruption in the capital during January and February. It predates the January 26 violence and indicates the execution of a conspiracy, they believe. Specific plans for January 26 were mentioned in the document, which Thunberg removed shortly after uploading and published a new, modified version later, police said.
The FIR, housed under the sedition sections of the IPC, plotting a criminal conspiracy and promoting enmity between groups, does not name Thunberg. The investigation will suggest who the defendants are, police said.

Cops smell conspiracy in document tweeted by Thunberg, FIR file | India News

Police are writing to Google to request the original document uploaded by Thunberg. A notice will be delivered based on the FIR. “The toolkit appears to have been created by a pro-Khalistani organization, the Poetic Justice Foundation,” said Special Commissioner Praveer Ranjan.
“The intention of its creators seems to be to create discord between social, religious and cultural groups and to anger disaffection and ill will against the Government of India,” Ranjan said.
It also aims to wage a social, cultural and economic war against India, “said Special Commissioner Praveer Ranjan.
The sources said that some of the websites, entities and foundations mentioned in the document were already under the scanner of various agencies. A more focused investigation has been launched against them.
Ranjan said Delhi police were monitoring social media in connection with farmer unrest and had identified more than 300 identifiers used to promote hateful and malicious content. “These handles are being used by some organizations and individuals who have a vested interest in spreading discontent and ill will against the Government of India. While farmers may not even know what forces guided their actions and set their agenda , there are clear indications that either deep and hostile state actors are behind this or they will come together to exploit the sentiments. This contribution was shared with the leaders of various farmers’ organizations, “he said.

Cops smell conspiracy in document tweeted by Thunberg, FIR file | India News

Ranjan said they were monitoring social media when the document came to their attention. The initially uploaded document presented a roadmap and also a two-part action plan titled “Prior Action and Urgent Action”.
The “prior action” part indicated that a “digital strike” via hashtags would take place on or before January 26 and a “tweet storm” on January 23 onwards. He issued a physical call to action on January 26 joining the farmers’ march to Delhi and back to the borders that day, Ranjan explained. He said that developments in recent days, including the violence on Republic Day, had revealed a “copycat execution” of the action plan. “The Delhi police have registered a case under sections 124-A, 153-A, 153 and 120-B IPC which will be investigated by the cyber cell,” added a senior police officer.
Sources said that the central government was concerned about the content of the document, as it felt that it had the potential to create discord and hatred within Indian society, inciting people against some of the major business enterprises in the country.
The toolkit asked people to share photos and video messages, sign petitions online, and organize protests at Indian embassies, the media and local government offices.
“Either look for protests in your city, state or country and get involved in large (or small) numbers or organize one. Additionally, you are encouraged to organize solidarity protests at or near Indian embassies, near local government offices. or from the offices of several multinationals … this is not going to end soon, “the document reads.
He said the compilation of the messages and videos would be shown at different farmer protest sites, such as the Singhu and Tikri borders. “It will first be projected on a screen there and then it will be shared on social media and other platforms.” The document also raised unsubstantiated questions about “human rights violations” in India and urged people to question the government, the sources said.
“Farmers and other citizens of India need the global community to pay attention … International pressure on the Indian government is essential,” it read.
(With input from Pankaj Doval)

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