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7-Day Average Daily Covid Cases in India Falls Below 12,000 | India News


7-Day Average Daily Covid Cases in India Falls Below 12,000 | India News

India’s seven-day moving average of daily coronavirus cases fell below the 12,000 mark on Thursday for the first time in nearly eight months as the pandemic continued to recede across most of the country.
The seven-day average of daily cases dropped to 11,815 on Thursday, the lowest level since 11,757 cases on June 17 of last year. The moving average takes into account new cases on a particular day, as well as the past six days, to give a clearer picture of in which direction a particular data set was moving.
There were 12,431 new cases across the country on Thursday. Almost half of these were reported in Kerala, where the case count for the day was 6,102. The day before, the country had notified 12,948 new cases.
Maharashtra continued to record the second highest count of new cases, with 2,736 new infections detected in the state.
In no other state did the day’s case count exceed 500.
Tamil Nadu reported 494 new cases, the count falling below 500 for the first time since at least June. Karnataka had the next highest count of 474 new cases, followed by Chhattisgarh (373)
The day’s death toll from the virus was 121, a slight increase from the 112 count the day before. Maharashtra again recorded the highest number of deaths with 46, followed by Kerala (17), Delhi and Punjab (both seven).


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