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TMC-BJP in war of words over desertions | India News


ALIPURDUAR / HOOGHLY: The TMC and the BJP fought on Wednesday in West Bengal bound for the polls over desertions and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said it was ironic that the Center had no funds to cover the workers’ travel expenses migrants but was corrupt. The leaders were flown to Delhi on a chartered plane.
Rajib Banerjee, a recently joined BJP leader, who resigned from TMC and was among those who took the chartered flight, criticized her for bringing corruption charges against him.
He said that if he really was corrupt, why did the TMC hold talks with him to retain him in the party after he resigned from the state cabinet last month?
Mamata Banerjee, who is also the supreme of TMC, training with her weapons the defectors of the party said that the traitors would be defeated in the next elections of the assembly.
Addressing a meeting of TMC workers in Alipurduar in North Bengal, he called on the “fence keepers” in the party to resign as soon as possible.
Without naming Rajib Banerjee, who was the minister of forests, he alleged that irregularities have been detected in the recruitment of forest department staff during his tenure.
“A person who was responsible for the recruitment of ‘Bana Sahayaks’ in the forest department indulged in corrupt methods. We will investigate. Everything will be investigated,” he told a party meeting here.
Continuing his attack, he said: “The person after falling into corruption, has now joined the BJP. Now he is lecturing others,” he said.
The energetic head of TMC said: “Those who want to leave TMC can move on, the doors (of the party) are open. But if you are in the party, you have to work like a disciplined soldier.
“Let me tell you that those who have changed their political alliance will be defeated in the assembly elections, their stores will be closed after the elections,” he said.
Banerjee, who is among the critics of the BJP, said the saffron party may “buy” some corrupt TMC leaders, but it will never be able to buy a dedicated member or cadre of their party.
“There are certain leaders who are lobhi (greedy) and ‘bhogi’ (one who enjoys the facilities). They may quit the party, but the dedicated ones will stay,” he said.
Stating that MLA tickets are on sale at the BJP, Banerjee said his party, on the other hand, “rewards hard work and dedication.”
He reiterated that the BJP had become a washing machine, where “tainted leaders come out clean after joining the saffron field.”
Investigating the BJP for sending a chartered plane to take TMC “traitors” to Delhi for induction in the saffron field, Mamata Banerjee said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi owes an explanation to the nation as to why the Center does not was able to pay travel expenses. of migrant workers who were forced to return to their native homes during the shutdown, but had enough to transport corrupt leaders by air.
“During the Covid crisis, we paid for the transportation of migrant workers. The BJP government paid no money. The Prime Minister could not spend money on migrant workers, who walked hundreds of kilometers to get to their homes. More than 100 of those workers died on the roads.
“But the union government itself has the money to bring corrupt leaders to New Delhi on chartered planes. The prime minister should give an answer … This shows the true colors of the BJP government,” he said.
Addressing a demonstration in Hooghly, Rajib Banerjee said that TMC leaders had made efforts to force him to recruit only TMC workers such as ‘Bana Sahayaks’ and that no action was taken even though he had informed the chief minister.
“I believe in maintaining decorum in politics. The fact that I have joined another party does not mean that I will start abusing the leaders of my old party … I want to remind you that to ensure transparent hiring I had handed it over to a board directive., “he said.
“In October of last year I informed the Prime Minister how an influential TMC leader from Birbhum wanted all TMC cadres to be recruited as Bana Sahayaks. But the Chief Minister herself told me to see that in each district TMC cadres that they have nothing they should be recruited.
“I want to say that several TMC leaders, including leaders from Kalighat (area where Mamata Banerjee lives in Kolkata) had recommended their candidates,” he said.
Rajib Banerjee asked the prime minister to cancel the entire Bana Sahayaks panel instead of raising “unfounded” allegations. “I want the prime minister to order an investigation of all contractual appointments during the TMC regime,” he said.
In reaction to the prime minister’s accusations against Rajib Banerjee, the BJP accused her of following the “policy of vendetta” to “settle accounts” with those who had defected.
“When Rajib Banerjee was with the TMC and was in the state cabinet, he turned out to be a person of immaculate character. Now that he has joined the BJP, he has become corrupt.
“If he was indeed involved in corruption, then why have no action been taken against him until now? The people of the state understand such tricks very well,” said BJP state vice president Jaiprakash Majumdar.

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