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Officials to pay the delay in filing appeals with the courts: SC | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has decided to sanction officials who sit on files and cause enormous delays in filing appeals, in some cases long after the expiration of the statute of limitations, slowing down a system of administration of justice already accelerated and loaded with monstrous slope.
At the receiving end of a bench from Judges Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Hrishikesh Roy were the railways, which cost Rs 25,000 to file an appeal after a 385-day delay. What would concern officials is the bank’s direction to recover it from the officials responsible for the delay. “The amount will be recovered from the officials responsible for the delay in the presentation of the petition for a special license and a certificate of recovery of said amount will also be filed with this court within four weeks,” the court ordered. “A copy of this order should be presented to the president, the railway board, the government of India, warning that any failure to comply with the order mentioned within the schedule would result in the initiation of appropriate proceedings against the president himself,” he added.
The court led by Judge Kaul has practically declared war on the lethargic and casual approach of government agencies in filing appeals after long delays to ensure that officials tasked with deciding whether or not to file appeals are not held accountable. “We have also categorized such cases as ‘certificate cases’ filed for the sole purpose of obtaining a silence from SC on the basis that nothing could be done because the higher court has dismissed the appeal. The goal is to complete a mere formality and save the skin of officers who may be in breach of due process or may have done so deliberately. We refuse to grant such certificates and if the government or public authorities suffer losses, it is time for the affected agents to bear the consequences, “he said. A similar process was initiated against the UP government and the NCB. What surprised the court was an appeal filed by the UP government after an eight-year delay to challenge the decision of the Allahabad HC to acquit a defendant in a gruesome murder case, in which he was sentenced of death.

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