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Farm laws: Oppn fights for repeal, government repels attack | India News


NEW DELHI: Opposition parties on Wednesday called on the government to withdraw the three controversial farm laws, even as BJP members in Rajya Sabha said the laws were passed after “extensive deliberations” and would benefit farmers and the agricultural sector .
Moving the motion in a vote of thanks to the speaker’s speech in the Upper House, Assam BJP MP Bhubaneswar Kalita accused the opposition of raising the issue of farm laws to disrupt House proceedings. He said that while the laws were passed after extensive debate and deliberation in both houses, more than 10 million people benefited from them. He said the Center is in contact with farmers’ unions to address their concerns.
UP BJP MP Vijay Pal Singh Tomar said: “It has been said that there was no consultation before the laws were enacted. There have been 12 committees of experts in the last two decades on the land reform laws.” He stressed that the new laws will help small farmers and the agricultural sector. He also said that the NDA government has made more budget outlays for agriculture in one year than the five years of the UPA government.
Participating in the discussion, RS opposition leader and congressman Ghulam Nabi Azad suggested that PM Modi himself make the announcement about the repeal of the laws. The prime minister was present in the House at the time. Azad also condemned the violence during the tractor rally in the capital on R-Day and the Red Fort incident, saying that disrespect for the national flag cannot be tolerated. “I urge the government to withdraw these three bills,” he said.
The senior congressman cited several examples, including one during his own party’s rule in 1988, of how the government gave in to farmers’ demands.
Azad also defended the restoration of J&K statehood and holding assembly elections, saying that the people of the area were not happy and that development work had stopped. He said the prime minister is the only person who can find a solution to both problems: J&K and the farmers’ turmoil.
Earlier, after the government and members of the opposition reached consensus on the discussion of the farmers issue during the debate on the motion of thanks, President Venkaiah Naidu asked three AAP MPs to withdraw from the Chamber amid slogans on agricultural laws.
Demanding the withdrawal of the sedition cases brought against party colleague Shashi Tharoor and some journalists, Azad said: “Shashi Tharoor was foreign minister. He has represented the country abroad. How can he be an anti-national … So all of us? are anti-national. ”
Ram Gopal Yadav of SP suggested that the three laws be withdrawn and new bills be sent to the standing committee for proper discussion.
Tiruchi Siva of DMK raised objections to the way the bills were passed in RS, saying there was no order in the House at the time. This was countered by Venkaiah Naidu, who asked him not to dig up the matters that had ended.

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