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BJP MPs in Rajya Sabha: Opposition must not make farms stir up another Shaheen Bagh | India News


NEW DELHI: Stating that the new farm laws were passed after extensive deliberations in Parliament, the BJP said Wednesday at the Rajya Sabha that the doors are always open for farmers to resolve the issue amicably, urging the opposition parties not to make the agitation of farmers another. Shaheen Bagh.
Moving the motion of thanks to the speaker’s speech in the upper house, BJP member Bhubaneswar Kalita said that the government respects farmers.
He said the government has given farmers new rights through these new farm laws and none of their rights or facilities have been taken away from them.
Attacking members of the opposition, who were trying to disrupt House proceedings, he said: “Let me remind you that the three farm laws have been passed by both houses of Parliament after much deliberation.”
“The benefits of these three important farm laws have begun to reach more than 10 billion people and small farmers. There has been no reduction in farmers’ rights and facilities. Through these agricultural reforms, the government has granted new rights to farmers, “he said. he said starting the debate.
The motion was seconded by another BJP member, Vijay Pal Singh Tomar.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in the House when the debate began.
Members of the opposition presented up to 118 amendments to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Speech. Kalita said that even after members of the opposition raised the issue to disrupt the House, “we have the utmost respect for our farmers.”
He said the minister of agriculture and the minister of railways have been discussing with farmers and many rounds of discussions have already taken place.
“The door is always open for farmers to debate, so that this issue of farm laws can be resolved amicably. The government is ready to discuss all issues about it, but my call to our friends, please don’t make him another Shaheen Bagh. ” he said.
Shaheen Bagh in the national capital was the epicenter of protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).
The Assam BJP member cited the example of the citizenship amendment bill that was passed by Parliament after the BJP returned to power with a decisive majority.
“Now they have objections and want to organize another Shaheen Bagh. The anti-CAA parties in Assam are forming new parties and let me remind you what Congress got in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections by supporting the CAA, the anti-CAA parties will lose. in 2021 elections in Assam, “said Kalita.
“The BJP alliance will win and return to power in Assam,” he said.
He praised the prime minister for his numerous visits to Assam, noting that Modi and central government officials have visited Assam and the northeastern states 40 times during his two terms.
This is probably the first time that a prime minister has paid so much attention to the northeast region, he said.
He also noted that the government is committed to strengthening the disadvantaged sectors of society.
This government believes in 100 percent of the implementation of its promises, he said.
Kalita said that GST collections were on the mend as the economy was on the road to recovery due to efforts made by the government.
Vijay Pal Singh Tomar said that the farm laws were passed after extensive deliberations, noting that there have been 12 expert committees in the past two decades on farm reforms.
He attacked critics of farm laws, saying they are spreading misinformation. The new laws will help small farmers and the agricultural sector, he said.
He also made a comparison between agricultural budgets during the UPA tenure and now.
The one-year budget provision for agriculture has been more than five years from that of the UPA.
He said that the agricultural budget was 1.21 lakh crore rupees during 2009-2014, while the agricultural budget in 2019-20 was 1.51 lakh crore.
“From the way the prime minister has taken action in the agricultural sector, we are confident that the sector will grow and help make India a $ 5 trillion economy,” he said.
He stressed the added value in agriculture, saying that diversification is necessary in the sector and that it is only possible with the new agricultural laws.
Small and marginal farmers, who comprise 86 percent, will benefit from the new laws, he said.
He said post-harvest losses for farmers are said to be 15-22 percent and a survey attributes losses to Rs 92,000 crore per year. Proper storage can save it, he said.
Tomar said intermediaries were eating farmers’ profits and that the new laws were intended to benefit farmers.
He advocated for diversification of agriculture and praised Modi and the BJP government for recognizing hard-working farmers and awarding them awards like Padmashri.
Tomar also emphasized ethanol production by farmers, saying demand would increase following the government’s decision to raise the blending limit to 20 percent by 2030.
On farm laws, he said some people were creating confusion that farmers will not get MSP while during the BJP regime it has increased considerably.
Farmers’ children will become providers of employment after these laws and will not be required to work for small amounts, he said.
Those who presented amendments were Tiruchi Siva, Digvijay Singh and Deependra Singh Hooda.

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