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Banned Red ‘confirms’ its role in farmers’ turmoil | India News


NAGPUR: The banned (Maoist) CPI has issued multiple official statements that appear to confirm the suspicion of law enforcement agencies of “Maoist infiltration” in the ongoing agricultural unrest. Comparing the new farm laws to the infamous Rowlatt Act of the British era, the team has ordered their front-line organizations to continue to fight alongside the farmers’ fraternity.
In a Jan.30 statement attributed to CPI (Maoist) central committee spokesman Abhay, the organization accused the Center of “wasting time” with farmers’ demands and trying to create a wedge between those leading the stir. The women’s wing official, Ranita Hichhami, also issued a statement pledging her unit’s support for “farmer brothers and sisters.”
The authenticity of this and other press releases attributed to the CPI (Maoist) is being verified, the sources said. The prospect of the Maoist think tank being fully involved in the turmoil is, in the meantime, to keep the security and intelligence agencies on their toes. The agencies now control the movement of groups like the Guerrilla Army for the Liberation of the People and the Popular Revolutionary Committees.

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