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744, not 162 doctors lost their lives due to Covid-19 in India: IMA | India News


HYDERABAD: The Indian Medical Association has said that 734 doctors lost their lives due to Covid-19 in the country and not just 162 as reported to Parliament.
On Wednesday, the IMA wrote a letter to Ashwini Kumar Choubey, the Union’s minister of state for health and family welfare, noting that the number of deaths according to the details available with the association was higher than the figures available with the government.
In the letter, Professor Dr. JA Jayalal, National President and Dr. Jayesh M Lele, IMA Honorary Secretary General, said they were shocked by the announcement made by the minister in Rajya Sabha.
The minister had said on Tuesday that only 162 doctors died due to Covid-19 in India on January 22, 2021 since the onset of the disease in India last year.
The IMA said that 734 doctors lost their lives due to Covid-19 in the country to date, of which 431 are general practitioners who are the first point of contact for people.
“Unfortunately, 25 doctors are under 35 years old. Doctors experience a higher viral load and a higher CFR (fatal case rate) as a community. IMA is forced to point out that they would have safely stayed home during this pandemic. They chose to serve the nation in the best traditions of the medical profession. The government of India did not recognize this fact and did not give it due importance and recognition, ”said IMA.
The IMA said it was unfortunate that in a devastating pandemic the front-line warriors of modern medicine had fought altruistically and in return not only lost their lives, but the government failed to properly document the honor roll or the appropriate data. about these deaths. .
“We strongly condemn the apathy of the Government of India in verifying the data provided by the Indian Medical Association and also the delay in the disbursement of the Solatium for the families of the COVID martyrs,” the doctors said.
“We are writing to you at this juncture to adequately support the hard work and contribution of our physicians to flatten the COVID curve in India. We fervently ask that you expedite the process of giving Solatium to families as soon as possible. We call for a high-power committee to be constituted to do an in-depth study on these government data and all those who succumbed must be honored, ”said IMA.

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