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45% of health workers vaccinated in 18 days, India fastest to reach 4 million mark | India News


NEW DELHI: India has inoculated about 45% of healthcare workers nationwide against Covid-19 in 18 days since launching its vaccination campaign on January 16, making it the fastest country to vaccinate more than 4 million, according to official data as of February 2.
On Wednesday, 2,48,662 beneficiaries were vaccinated with a total of more than 43.9 lakh through the night, representing 47% of the total of 92,61,227 health workers registered in the public and private sector.
Compared to India, the United States took 20 days, while the United Kingdom and Israel took 39 days to vaccinate four million people.
Among the major states (with a large number of beneficiaries), Madhya Pradesh vaccinated the highest 69.4% of its health workers as of February 2, followed by Rajasthan with 64.7%.

45% of health workers vaccinated in 18 days, India fastest to reach 4 million mark | India News

However, in absolute numbers, UP vaccinated more than 4.63 lakh, 51% of its healthcare workers more than 9 lakh in 18 days. On the other hand, Maharashtra, with the largest health workforce with 9.36,857 registered beneficiaries, vaccinated only 34%. Tamil Nadu (22.6%), Delhi (26.6%), Chhattisgarh (29%), Puducherry (12.3%) and Goa (28.3%) are among the states with low coverage of vaccination against Covid .
Manipur has recorded the lowest vaccination with 10% as of February 2. Lakshadweep has covered 90% of its healthcare workers and tops the list despite its small demographic. West Bengal and Karnataka have inoculated 41.1% and 40.9%, respectively. Other states like Odisha, Kerala, Haryana, and Gujarat have more than 50% coverage of their total health workforce.
West Bengal and Gujarat have started vaccinating front-line workers and more states are likely to join this week. The government aims to vaccinate a total of around three crore health and frontline workers on a priority basis by March-April.

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