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Detain farmers in the states, provide details on children and women coming to Delhi: Police to Haryana, Punjab DGP | India News

NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police, after receiving intelligence information from the agencies, have asked the Police Directors General (DGsP) of Punjab and Haryana to detain farmers at their locations and prevent them from entering Delhi.
The DGsP of Haryana and Punjab has received a letter regarding the same. The Delhi Police have also asked the DGsP to provide details on the number of protesters, women and children who will come to Delhi.
In the letter, Delhi Police have said that a group of farmers were sent to Delhi by train and the train was diverted to Rewari, after which 300 protesters exited the train and are arriving in Delhi via various means of transport. .
Delhi Police also petitioned DGsP, stating that there is tension at the protest sites / borders and that on Republic Day they entered Delhi and injured police personnel and damaged government / private property.
In the communication, the Delhi police have expressed that if more protesters arrive in Delhi, they may re-create a public order problem.
“Therefore, the Punjab and Haryana DGsP are again requested not to allow the movement of these protesters towards Delhi and they may be detained in their respective areas / locations,” the communication said.
The communication also indicated that farmers / supporters passing through their states may also be prevented from moving towards Delhi.
According to the sources, the Delhi Police along with other intelligence agencies are preparing for February 6 when farmers from various states arrive in Delhi.

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