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Congress plans 5 lakh-strong army of warriors web | India News


NEW DELHI: Eager to expand its digital footprint to take on an entrenched BJP, Congress is poised to recruit an army of five billion web warriors with the idea of ​​amplifying its message on social media platforms.
Sources said Congress will soon launch a “join congressional social media” campaign across India in what would be a major recruiting drive. The party will interview the respondents, from whom it will select five lakhs of people as volunteers. Of these, the party’s social media department will appoint 50,000 officials at the district, state and national levels, while the other 4.5 lakh people would form the network of congressional workers who will help drive the party’s message with “consistency. and in one voice “.
Congress seems to have realized the importance of social media after the crown pandemic and the ensuing blockade forced the party to stay inside and carry out its activities through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. The 10-month experience has left the party leadership somewhat relieved that despite its weak presence on social media compared to the ruling BJP, it managed to regularly get its message across to the people through campaigns to “raise the voice”.
Now, you want to take advantage of that experience with an eye to the future. “We have found that this is the best way to strengthen our national social media team with penetration at the district level. There is a large part of the population that wants to fight for the values ​​of Congress and we are simply taking advantage of that segment, ”said a congressional official.
These web warriors would also receive training in booth management and grassroots activities.

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