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Build bridges, not walls: Rahul to the center | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday attacked the government for barricades and roadblocks set up at sites of farmer agitation on the Delhi borders, calling on the Center to “build bridges, not walls.”
Farmers’ protest sites on Delhi’s borders have been turned into strongholds with the police tightening security and strengthening barricades.
Iron bars have been hooked between two rows of concrete barriers on the side of the main road on the Singhu border to further restrict the movement of protesters, contrary to the new agricultural laws.
Another part of the road on the Delhi-Haryana border is practically blocked due to the erection of a makeshift concrete wall.
In Ghazipur, on the border between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, there are multi-layered barricades to stop the movement of vehicles. Barbed wire has also been placed to keep people on foot out.
“GOI, build bridges, not walls!” Gandhi said on Twitter posting images of roadblocks and barricades at farmers’ protest sites.
Congress has been demanding that the Center speak to protesting farmers and repeal the three farm laws, against which they have been protesting.
Farmers unions announced on Monday a nationwide ‘chakka jam’ on February 6 when they would block national and state highways for three hours in protest against the internet ban in areas near their agitation sites, the harassment allegedly imposed by the authorities and other problems. .

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