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After a Stormy 2-Year Term, Nagaland Lokayukta Resigns | India News


NEW DELHI: After a stormy two-year term as Nagaland’s Lokayukta, Judge UN Singh tendered his resignation from office on Monday and the Supreme Court ordered the state government to accept it immediately.
The court, headed by Chief Justice of India SA Bobde, accepted Judge Singh’s demand for security while packing his bags in Kohima and protecting anti-corruption watchdog files, but dismissed all “disparaging” comments made. by the Lokayukta in his official orders against the state attorney general KN Balgopal. The CJI-led court said: “Judge Singh has stated through his lawyer Vikas Singh that his client is ready to submit a resignation from Lokayukta with immediate effect. We accept the declaration and order the Nagaland government to accept the resignation immediately. ”
Vikas Singh said the court should order that no misreporting be given on the differences between the Lokayukta government and Nagaland and that the reports should be based solely on court orders.
The bank said: “How can we approve an order so that no wrong reports are given?”
Judge Singh had specified that “Nagaland or any other authority or person will not use or make reference to any material or statement recorded in this petition or related to the matter … to initiate any type of action, complaint or procedure or defame him in the media or in any other way that could cause stigma in any way to his privileges and status, professional, official or otherwise ”.
The issues arose almost immediately after Judge Singh was appointed Lokayukta in February 2019, as he requested permission to take on arbitration work despite the clear prohibition on Lokayukta taking on any work other than that related to the position. statutory. Judge Singh had later written to the government saying that he would operate “online” from his residence in Delhi.
Balgopal said that after Lokayukta’s official residence was renovated at the state’s expense, Judge Singh demanded the allocation of the former prime minister’s bungalow for his residence. He also asked a high-ranking police officer to buy him shoes and behaved in a way that degraded the socio-cultural spirit of the Naga people, according to the attorney general.

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