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Twitter accounts of supporters of farmers’ protests suspended | India News


BATHINDA: The Twitter accounts of those associated with the farmers’ protest on the Delhi borders have been temporarily suspended. Kisan Ekta Morcha’s accounts, Samyukt Kisan Morcha’s official IT cell, Tractor2’s Twitter, some professional-led Twitter managed by Sydney returned to IT professional Bhavjit Singh, Caravan India magazine and many more were suspended on Monday.
All those accounts that have been suspended were active in the dissemination of information about the events of the protest.
Baljit Singh, head of Samyukt Morcha’s IT cell called Kisan Ekta Morcha, said: “Every morning we would give Twitter users a hashtag to use. I used to get tens of thousands of posts on just a few hours from India. and many other countries and the point used to go viral. Going through it, Twitter on Monday suspended our account and many other accounts. It has been done under the instructions of the government to stop the entry of information. ”

Twitter accounts of supporters of farmers' protests suspended | India News

Bhavjit Singh, who runs Tractor 2 Twitter, told TOI: “Our account was suspended on Monday, which is shameful on Twitter. It shows that Twitter is acting on instructions from the central government to stop the flow of information going to the outside world. It also appears that the government is on the way to a major crackdown, as the suspension of such a large number of Twitter accounts from pillars of support points to it. ”

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