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Terrorist hideout blown up in Rajouri, “war tent” recovered | India News


JAMMU: A joint J&K army and police team detained a terrorist hideout in the dense Gadyog forest in the Khawas region of Rajouri district on Sunday night and recovered a huge cache of weapons and ammunition, including an AK rifle -47, three AK-47 magazines, 94 AK-47 rounds, five UBGL grenades, two Chinese pistols, two Chinese pistol magazines, eight pistol rounds, a Kenwood radio set and three radio set antennas, the SSP confirmed. by Rajouri Chandan Kohli when we have the information.
The timely recovery has thwarted a possible terrorist attempt in addition to attempts to revive terrorism in the Rajouri and Reasi districts, SSP Kohli said.
On January 23, a joint J&K army, BSF and police team had blown up a terrorist hideout in the Hari Buddha area of ​​Poonch district. On January 3, security forces had recovered weapons and ammunition from another hideout in Mendhar’s Balakote village of Dabbi following the revelations of three terrorist associates of the J&K Ghaznavi Force who were arrested on December 27 last year.
Based on information obtained from the trio, security personnel discovered three terrorist hideouts and recovered 13 grenades, three pistols, five pistol magazines, 105 pistol rounds, four Pakistani-made balloons, a flag of Tehreek ul Mujahideen Jammu and Cashmere and 18 J&K Fuerza Ghaznavi posters.

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