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Muslim girl raised as a Hindu reunited with relatives after 15 years | India News


HYDERABAD: Every day for 15 years, Sakina mourned the loss of her daughter, who disappeared in the Mecca mosque when she was only two and a half years old.
Now Kurnool’s Muslim family of five in Andhra Pradesh has finally tracked her down, but Fatima is now called Swapna and she was raised as a Hindu in a child welfare home and does not recognize her parents, and misses her companions at home. . .
“It is a heartbreaking situation and, under the circumstances, we will take our sister to our village and keep her with us to introduce her to our friends and family. Later, we will send her back to the children’s home in Hyderabad, so that she can continue to focus on her studies, ” Abid Hussain, her brother, told TOI in a broken voice.
A chance visit to a child welfare home by two Hyderabad police officers as part of the anti-trafficking and rescue project called “Operation Smile” led them to the girl, who is now in class XI.
An investigation revealed that a bricklayer named Khwaja Moinuddin from Kurnool had deposited a lost diary at a Hussainialam police station in 2005.
“I received a confirmation from my batchmate in Kurnool, about the authenticity of the family and her mother also correctly told us about the identification marks, including a mole on Swapna’s leg,” said the deputy inspector for Cyberabad (anti-trafficking people) N Sridhar.
Euphoric family members a few days ago rushed to Hyderabad, but were shocked to find out that Fatima has now converted and is a stalwart. Sai baba devotee.
“He has grown up in a completely different culture, without remembering who his family was. This meeting is a second unusual turn in his life. Unfortunately for him, exactly one year ago, his father had also passed away, ”said a senior police official.
The wait to be fully reunited will be a bit longer, as the child welfare committee recommended a DNA test confirmation before it is released to her family.
Recalling their story, leading up to the fateful day, when Fatima disappeared, the family said they were on pilgrimage and had first gone to Ajmer Sharif and then came to pray at the iconic Mecca Masjid, where the girl disappeared while following her father. to fetch water after lunch.
The family camped in Hyderabad for several months in search of Fatima.
“During our stay in Hyderabad, I had to work in a hotel in order to get something to eat. Finally, after losing hope, we returned to Kurnool as it was a helpless situation. My mother and father cried for days, ”Hussain said.
“When we returned, my father had to face accusations that he had sold his daughter. He suffered a lot of pain, ”Hussain added.
Authorities say the meeting has now turned into a dilemma for the girl.

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