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Jharkhand tribal families flogged, fined in reaction to conversion | India News


GARHWA: Three Korwa tribal families in a Jharkhand village were allegedly fined, flogged and forced to do sit-ups after a kangaroo court declared them social outcasts for converting to Christendom Recently. The incident occurred in the Khala village below the Dhurki block of Garhwa district on January 22, the sources said.
Jaiwardhan Kumar, the subdivisional magistrate of Banshidhar Nagar, confirmed that he received information about the alleged backlash against conversions in the area. “I have received reports that some villagers have been attacked in the village of Khala, but there is no official confirmation yet. I cannot say anything more before an investigation is carried out on the matter,” he said.
The Korwas are officially classified as a particularly vulnerable tribal group. About two dozen families from the programmed tribe and programmed caste communities have converted to Christianity in the area over the past year, villagers said.
The three Korwa families allegedly subject to conversion were fined 25,051 rupees each, in addition to being flogged and forced to do 110 sit-ups.
“A priest from Bihar has been staying in rented accommodation in Dhurki for about a year. It appears that he, along with two of his assistants, are responsible for the conversions,” said Pramukh Vinod Korwa of the Dhurki block.

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