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Fury for Indore “getting rid” of the elderly; officials apologize | India News


INDORE: Amid national outrage over the dumping of disabled elderly people outside city limits, Indore collector Manish Singh went to the Khajrana Ganesh temple on Sunday to apologize for the ruthless act of the local administration. “It was a mistake. As government officials we cannot escape our responsibilities. I apologized to God,” he said. I apologized to God (for the administration that threw the elders out of the city limits) and sought his blessings to the whole city, ”Indore collector Manish Singh told reporters.
Swachh city authorities have faced a barrage of criticism since a video went viral on Friday, showing Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) staff dumping homeless seniors on the roadside in the area. from Kshipra, just outside the city limits. The incident led to the suspension of a deputy commissioner and the firing of two shelter employees.
On Sunday, Divisional Commissioner Pawan Sharma held talks with officials from the health department, the Indore Municipal Corporation, the department of social justice, and representatives from nursing homes and non-governmental organizations and said they had drawn up a detailed plan to rehabilitate the beggars and the homeless. .
“We are going to launch a new survey to identify the homeless, orphans, beggars and the places where these people live. We have also launched a campaign of medical check-ups for those people, and those who need it will receive medical assistance, ”Sharma said, adding that arrangements are being made in the shelters. Indore Municipal Corporation Commissioner Pratibha Pal said that these people would be classified into three categories: indigent, mentally unstable or disabled and beggar children, and that efforts would be made for their rehabilitation. Before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the civic body had conducted a pan-Indore survey and identified around 5,000 homeless and beggars. A dedicated foster home is also being planned with financial assistance from the central government and the state government.

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