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42 Gujarati Police Trainees Report Side Effects After Vaccine Injection | India News


AHMEDABAD / SURAT / VADODARA: A total of 42 female Lok Rakshak Dal Interns (LRD) staff in three Gujarat cities reported minor side effects after getting vaccinated against Covid-19 on Sunday evening and Monday morning. They were transferred to government hospitals and received primary treatment.
Senior officials at the state health department said they had sought reports from districts where those affected were being treated and said none had significant symptoms. In Surat, 12 officers living at the police headquarters complained of fever and other health problems on Sunday. In Vadodara, 16 police-in-training and two health workers were taken to hospital after complaints of headache, vertigo, dizziness and mild fever. On Monday, 14 members of LRD trainees in Ahmedabad were also transferred to the hospital.
The director of the National Health Mission, MA Pandya, said: “All these symptoms constitute minor side effects of the vaccine.”

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