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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses 2021 First Mann Ki Baat: Highlights | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Sunday through his Mann Ki Baat radio show. Today’s episode was the first episode of 2021 and the 73rd episode since the show began in 2014.
Mann ki Baat is the Prime Minister’s monthly radio address to the nation, broadcast on the last Sunday of each month.
These are the highlights:
* Today is the last day of January 2021. Are you also thinking, how am I who started 2021 just a few days ago? It just doesn’t seem like the entire month of January has passed! This is what is called the speed of time.
* This month, there has also been some very good news from the cricket field. Our cricket team, after initial setbacks, made a great comeback and won the series in Australia. The hard work and teamwork of our players is inspiring.
* In the midst of all this, the country was saddened by the insult to the Tricolor on January 26 in Delhi.
* The ‘made in India’ vaccine is a symbol of India’s self-sufficiency; it is also a symbol of your personal pride.
* India’s vaccination program is proving exemplary to the world. We are vaccinating our citizens faster than anywhere in the world.
* In 15 days, India vaccinated 30 lakh of crown warriors, while the United States took 18 days and Britain 36 days to accomplish the same feat.
* This year, India is going to start celebrating 75 years of its Independence – Amrit Mahotsav. This is an excellent time to explore the places associated with those heroes for which we gained freedom.
* About the freedom movement, I received a comment on the Namo app from Jai Ram Viplava, who reminded us that in 1932 the British killed a group of young patriots because they had raised slogans ‘vande matram’ and ‘bharat mata ki jai’ .
* An initiative for young writers has been taken for the purpose of ‘India @ 75’. This will encourage young writers from all states and from all languages. You can get more information about this initiative on the website of the ministry of education.
* I was very happy to read about how a local vegetable market in Bowenpally, Hyderabad, is turning waste into electricity and biofuel. More than 10 tons of waste are being converted into 500 units of electricity and 30 kg of biofuel.
* A similar striking feat has been accomplished by the Badaut Panchayat village of Panchkula in Haryana, where people are filtering drainage water and using it to irrigate fields.
* I have seen other news from Kerala where divyang NS Rajappan Sahab has been putting out plastic bottles at Vembanad Lake.
* You must have witnessed a few days ago that four female pilots from India took command of a nonstop flight from San Francisco, USA to Bangalore.
* You must have also observed this moment in the parade on January 26, where two female Indian Air Force officers created a new story.
* Whatever the area, the participation of the country’s women is constantly increasing.
* In Chichgaon, Jabalpur, tribal women affected by the pandemic lost their jobs at the rice mill. But they formed a self-help group and started their own rice mill by raising capital from their savings and were assisted by the Ajivika Mission. The members are now paying off their debt with the profits from the mill.
* Now, there is a growing enthusiasm for strawberry cultivation in Bundelkhand and one of Jhansi’s daughters, Gurleen Chawla, has played a huge role in it.
* Recently, a month-long ‘strawberry festival’ started in Jhansi. Everyone is surprised: strawberry and Bundelkhand! But this is the truth.
* With the help of new technology, similar efforts are also underway in other parts of the country. The strawberry, once identified with the hills, is now also grown on the sandy soil of Kutch, increasing farmers’ income.
* Sarmuddin, a painter from the village of Naya Pingla in West Midnapore, West Bengal, sold his painting based on the Ramayana for two lakh rupees. In this context, I found out about a good initiative in Bengal that I would like to share with you.
* The regional office of the ministry of tourism started an “amazing weekend getaway to India” in the villages of Bengal at the beginning of the month. Craftsmen from West Midnapore, Bankura, Birbhum, Purulia, East Bardhaman organized a craft workshop for visitors.
* People are also making our art forms popular using novel methods across the country.
* You will be happy to know that there are more than 30 yoga centers in Santiago, Chile. November 4 has been declared as ‘National Yoga Day’ in Chile. Chile is far from India, but the fragrance of Indian culture has been there for a long time.
* From January 18 to February 17 we celebrate ‘Road Safety Month’. We must become active stakeholders to reduce road accidents and save lives.

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