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‘Mix of ignorance and misinformation’: Tomar responds to Pawar on farm laws | India News


NEW DELHI: Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar responded on Sunday to criticism from Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) head Sharad Pawar on the new farm laws and accused him of being “ignorant” and “uninformed “.
In defense of the government’s agricultural laws, Tomar said the new reform makes it easier to promote an additional channel of choice for farmers with the option to sell their products to anyone, anywhere.
“Sharad Pawar ji is a veteran politician and former Union Minister of Agriculture, who is also seen as well versed in agriculture-related problems and solutions. He himself has endeavored to carry out the same agricultural reforms before,” Tomar said in a series. of tweets.

“Under the new ecosystem, the mandi are not affected. Instead, they will be more competitive and profitable in terms of services and infrastructure; and both systems will coexist synergistically for the common interest of farmers,” Tomar said.
Tomar further said it was “discouraging” to see NCP Supreme’s tweets employ “a mix of ignorance and misinformation” about agricultural reforms.

NCP President Sharad Pawar said Saturday that the government’s new farm laws will negatively affect Minimum Support Price (MSP) purchases and weaken the “Mandi” system.
“The new farm laws restrict the powers of the Agricultural Products Market Committees (APMC or ‘Mandis’ in common parlance) with respect to collecting taxes and fees from private traders, dispute resolution, licensing agricultural trade and e-commerce regulation, “he had said.
“During my tenure, the APMC 2007 draft rules were framed for the creation of special markets, thus providing alternative platforms for farmers to market their products and the utmost care was also taken to strengthen the existing mandi system,” he added .
“As he is such a veteran leader, I would like to believe that he was genuinely misinformed of the facts. Now that he has the correct facts, I hope he will also change his position and also explain the benefits to our farmers,” Tomar said.
Thousands of farmers have been protesting since late November on Delhi’s borders with Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, demanding a repeal of the farm laws.

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