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Jind bike and tractor rally; fundraising continues in the villages | India News


JIND: Farmers from Narwana town in Haryana’s Jind district held a bike and tractor rally in various villages and on the Jind-Patiala road on Sunday, seeking support for farmers from all sectors of society, Vijender Kumar reports.
People from the villages of Belarkha, Ujhana, Ambarsar, Koyal, Kurar and Dhamtan demonstrated in support of the farmers and lobbied for the repeal of the three controversial agricultural laws passed by the Center. Around 2,000 motorcycles reportedly participated in the bicycle rally, in which the participants drove through the city of Narwana. Residents also began collecting funds from villages in Jind and deployed more tractors on the borders of Delhi.
Farmers from Belarkha village in Narwana town in Jind collected Rs 500 per acre, which is the highest amount collected during this upheaval. The funds are expected to reach Rs 40 lakhs, said Surender Singh, a resident of the village.
People from all the Jind villages are reportedly raising money for the farmers’ protest. In the villages, government employees donate 1,100 rupees per person, while the landless donate as they wish. The funds are spent on diesel and farmers’ stay on the Delhi borders. Surender Singh said: “We held the Tractor and Bicycle Rally to send a message to the government that all sectors of society are supporting farmers.”

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