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India to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic as one of the global winners: Danish envoy | India News


NEW DELHI: Denmark said on Sunday that India will emerge from the coronavirus pandemic as one of the “global winners,” and that it hopes to significantly expand bilateral cooperation in areas of clean energy, water and food processing under a green strategy. camaraderie. Danish Ambassador Freddy Svane said that several leading Danish companies were interested in investing in areas such as renewable energy, environment, transport and innovation in India.
Svane said that the foreign ministers of the two countries are working on an ambitious plan of action comprising specific targets to achieve the goals widely mentioned in the ‘India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership’.
The green partnership, finalized in a virtual summit between the prime ministers of the two countries, aims to create a framework for a significant expansion of cooperation in the areas of renewable energy, environment, economy, climate change, and science and technology.
“It is a new age association as it really focuses on a green transition,” said Svane.
The Danish ambassador said the two countries are also working on another avenue called an ‘advanced plan’ which focuses on expanding cooperation with specific objectives in the areas of water, energy and project financing to be implemented under the green partnership.
He said Denmark is seeking to offer its expertise to India to preserve and ensure the judicious use of water, as well as to boost cooperation in offshore and onshore wind energy production.
On the post-Covid recovery, Denmark was confident that India would emerge stronger from the pandemic.
“I think India will come out of the pandemic as one of the global winners. The number of Covid-19 cases in India has dropped dramatically, while in Europe we have a peak,” Svane said.
“I am quite sure that India will be able to sustain real development and that will help the country in the long term. India must stand up for itself; it must pursue its own interests,” added the envoy.
He said that a strong and proactive India is in the interest of the world.
When asked if he was confident in India’s economic recovery after Covid, Svane said he was “quite optimistic.”
“India has already demonstrated its capabilities and capabilities. India really built the future, not just the present, effectively managing the situation (after the pandemic). India also looked to the future. It built some fantastic systems,” he added.
He also mentioned how India reached out to various countries and supplied medicine initially, and is now sending coronavirus vaccines to help them deal with the pandemic.
“India will develop no matter what. India really, I think, has realized now that we should not stay to ourselves, it is not India for India, but India for the world,” he said.
The Danish envoy said his country is confident of deeper cooperation and collaboration with India on the “green” initiative, as he believes Prime Minister Narendra Modi would like to boost the country’s growth and development in a green and sustainable way.
When asked about the stalled negotiations between India and the European Union on a free trade agreement, he expressed confidence in its progress.
Launched in June 2007, the TLC talks have stalled since May 2013, when both sides failed to close substantial gaps on crucial issues, including the status of data security for the IT sector.
The ambassador also favored having investment protection pacts between India and European countries.
“Denmark is a free trade-loving nation. To ensure that private investment companies have the right kind of protection, we believe it is very much needed. We would like to see progress. We are very happy with the latest India-EU summit meeting. It gave him a boost, “he said.
India’s bilateral investment protection treaties with individual European countries have expired in recent years. The EU wanted the pacts to continue until they are replaced by the FTA which will have provisions for investment protection.
Last year’s India-EU summit resolved to advance long-pending FTA talks.

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