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Embassy explosion: Police seek details of Iranian visitors to the city | India News

NEW DELHI: Delhi Police have asked the Foreign Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) to share the details of all Iranians established abroad who arrived in Delhi in the past month in connection with Friday’s explosion in front of the embassy from Israel in central Delhi.
The police are also collecting information from those who stayed in hotels and are questioning citizens of Iran and other West Asian countries who are staying in different parts of Delhi without a valid visa or with an expired one. Security has also been strengthened at the residence of the Israeli envoy, as well as at other establishments.
Embassy explosion: Unknown entity, Jaish-ul-Hind, claims responsibility
Investigations so far have revealed that around 45,000 mobile phone numbers were active in the area when the explosion occurred. On Saturday, a Special Cell team again went to the scene of the blast in an effort to recover evidence. Sources said the recovered letter appeared to be neatly and unhurriedly written, indicating thorough planning.
“The device was kept in a small excavated area. It was not a very sophisticated device and it was assembled using primitive methods. A suitable IED device, when triggered, has a one-way impact. However, this was multidirectional, ”said the source. An NSG team also inspected the blast site on Saturday. Police also sent a dupatta recovered from the scene on Friday for a forensic examination.
An unknown entity, Jaish-ul-Hind, claimed responsibility for the explosion. However, the Indian intelligence agencies and the Delhi Police Special Cell are treating this as a red herring. The group took responsibility for the attack through its Telegram account on Saturday morning.
This is not the only reason police officers believe attempts are being made to mislead the investigation. On Friday, the police had also recovered an envelope from the site with a note containing the names of an Iranian military leader and scientist recently killed in different countries. One official said this was unusual in the event of an attack from an established entity.
Police have not officially confirmed whether ammonium nitrate or PETN was used in the IED. The special cell is waiting for the forensic analysis report.
On Saturday, a taxi driver led a team of police investigating the explosion in a futile pursuit after he falsely tipped off police about two suspect men who had been riding in his vehicle. Special Cell detectives immediately took the taxi driver to his office and after hours of questioning and tracing the location of his mobile phone, it emerged that the driver was drunk and that his mobile location throughout the day was near the airport. He was later fired after a strict warning.
A low-intensity explosion occurred just 50 meters from the Israeli embassy, ​​although no one was injured in the incident, but the windows of three vehicles parked nearby were shattered.
Jaish-ul-Hind’s Telegram account posted a message on Saturday that read: “By the grace and help of Almighty Allah, the soldiers of Jaish-ul-Hind were able to infiltrate a high security area in Delhi and lead to carry out an IED attack. This will of Allah is the beginning of a series of attacks that will target major Indian cities and compensate for the atrocities committed by the Indian state. Wait and we are waiting too. ”
In the screenshot, a picture of the blast site and previous messages were also posted. The cyber cell of the criminal branch is investigating the account from which the screenshot went viral.

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