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Covid-19 Weekly Casualties in India Fall Below 1000, Lowest Since May | India News


NEW DELHI: The weekly death toll from the Covid-19 pandemic fell below 1,000 for the first time since the first week of May last year, while deaths in January were the lowest in eight months and less than half of those registered in December.
New cases of the virus also continued to advance along a steep downhill path, with the count in January falling below 5 lakh at 4.71,282, the lowest monthly count since June last year. 89,934 cases were reported in the current week (January 25-31), 6% less than in the previous seven days.
Last week, India recorded less than 1 lakh of new cases for the first time since the week of June 15-21. Weekly cases are now less than 14% of the number recorded at the peak of the pandemic, when the count had climbed to 6,45,014 from September 7 to 13.

Covid-19 Weekly Casualties in India Fall Below 1000, Lowest Since May | India News

While the case count has been steadily declining, there has been a steeper drop in deaths related to the pandemic. India recorded 975 deaths from Covid during the current week, the lowest in 37 weeks. This was also the first time since May 11-17 when fewer than 1,000 deaths were recorded during a week from Monday to Sunday.
The weekly Covid-19 toll in India has dropped 88% from the peak at which the country recorded as many as 8,175 deaths (Sept. 14-20).

There were 5,453 deaths from the virus in January, the lowest monthly figure since May last year, when 4,267 deaths were reported. Deaths fell to less than half the number reported in December, when the death toll was 11,427. The highest monthly toll was in September when 33,255 deaths were officially reported in the country. The toll in January was less than a sixth of that number.
Within the country, a large portion of new cases are reported in Kerala and Maharashtra, the two states that together account for two-thirds of all active cases in India. Of the 89,934 new cases detected in the current week, Kerala alone accounted for around 39,000 infections and Maharashtra more than 17,000. Together, the two states had a 63% share of new cases registered for the week.
On Sunday, India reported 11,539 new Covid cases and 117 deaths.

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