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Kerala Submits RTI Submission, Requests Details of Customs Investigation | India News


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In an extraordinary move, the Kerala government has submitted an RTI request to the Preventive Customs Commissioner’s office here, seeking clarification on the general procedures binding on the agency in tax evasion cases and the details of the investigation in course on importing dates the UAE consulate of the Middle East.
The RTI consultation, in general, seeks clarification from Customs on the basic procedures that the agency could follow when dealing with cases related to the violation of the conditions under which it grants exemption from tariffs for the importation of goods.
It asked the agency, in particular, to reveal the progress of the ongoing investigation (into the case of importation of dates), the people involved in it and their organizational affiliations.
Customs had registered a case against the importation of 17,000 kg of dates to Kerala, through diplomatic channels, without paying taxes.
The agency believes there was a big mismatch in the number of dates brought in and the amount distributed across the state by the government.
The Customs registered a similar case in relation to the importation of the Holy Quran.
Both cases were recorded shortly after the detection of the gold smuggling case that involved the misuse of diplomatic baggage by high-profile individuals.

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