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Farmers protest: day after violence, Singhu border turns into fortress | India News


NEW DELHI: The Singhu border in Delhi was fortified with several layers of barricades and an increased presence of security personnel on Saturday, a day after violence broke out during a demonstration by ‘locals’ against the agitators farmers who sat there for more than two months to demand the repeal of the new law of the Center. agricultural laws.
The site on GT Karnal Road, one of the main protest sites, also had a smaller presence than in previous days despite protesting farmers claiming it was “swelling” with more people from Punjab and Haryana than united them.
The entrance to the site of the peasant protest was closely guarded by police and paramilitary personnel, and even mediators found it difficult to get there.
A senior police officer, on condition of anonymity, said: “There is a general order not to allow free movement through the protest site in view of yesterday’s violent protest, as any mischief could exacerbate the situation. “.
Police had to fire tear gas and carry the baton on Friday to break up a clash between farmers and a large group of men claiming to be local residents who threw stones at each other on the Singhu border.
A police officer was seriously injured when attacked by a man with a sword.
The GT Karnal road leading to the protest site on the Singhu border was blocked with five layers of barricades erected with concrete blocks, which were manned by a large number of police and paramilitary personnel.
The final barricade near a toll booth on the Singhu border was reinforced with inland containers and concrete blocks and dirt was dumped there to prevent the movement of vehicles.
Even a street along the highway was dug up to 8-10 feet and lined with concrete blocks to prevent any vehicular movement to and from the farmers’ protest site.
The protesting farmers expressed their determination to continue the agitation against the Center’s farm laws, saying it will gather momentum in the coming days.
“The presence of farmers had decreased after the incident of violence and vandalism on Republic Day, but now more are coming from Punjab and Haryana to join,” said a protester from Patiala who declined to be named.
Randhir Singh, a social activist from Nabha said that the farmers were determined to continue their fight against the farm laws until the Center repealed them.
The ‘langars’ at the protest site were seen to be less crowded as the protesting farmers’ coordinating organization, Samyukta Kisan Morcha, had requested a one-day fast to observe Sadbhavna Divas (Harmony Day) on the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi on Saturday.

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