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TRP Case: Mumbai Police Deny Republic TV and Goswami Claims | India News


MUMBAI: Mumbai police have denied allegations of malice made by Republic TV and its editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami in the TRP scam case.
In two affidavits filed in court Monday by Judges SS Shinde and Manish Pitale, Mumbai police said they had not falsely implicated anyone, including Goswami or other Republic TV officials, in the case.
In the affidavits, filed through lead attorney Kapil Sibal, the police said they had received a legitimate complaint about the scam and had launched an investigation following a preliminary investigation and analytical report presented by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC ).
“Substantial evidence” was found against three television news channels, including Republic TV, police said.
The affidavits were filed in response to a request from ARG Outlier Media, the company that runs Republic TV’s channels, which had approached HC last year seeking to overturn the criminal proceedings against the channel and Goswami.
The ARG guilty plea had also urged HC to pass an order transferring the investigation from the Mumbai Crime Branch to the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI).
In their affidavits filed through Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh and Crime Branch ACP Shashank Sandbhor, police said they had not targeted Republic TV or its employees, nor was the investigation the result of political revenge. .
He said the ARG statement could not be upheld and did not deserve any relief from the court. “The allegations raised by Republic TV have been made only to escape investigation and prosecution of the scam,” police said.
Police further said they had subpoenaed and charged employees of several other television channels, but no one else had complained in bad faith.
“The argument of the petitioners (ARG and Republic TV) is that the Mumbai police harbor ill will and malice against the petitioners, as the petitioners’ television channels have questioned the investigation of the Mumbai police in the Sushant Singh case Rajput and the Palghar lynching incident “read Singh’s affidavit.
The affidavit said that the Mumbai police were a “professional police force” that did not allow “individual opinions to affect their judgment.”
“I deny that there is any concerted effort or political conspiracy as alleged,” his affidavit read.
The police further said that a defendant had no right to choose the investigating agency in a case.
He also said that since the trial court had already taken notice of his charge sheet in the case, ARG did not have the right to request that HC annul the proceedings against him.
In defense of the press conferences held by the police after the Television Rating Points scam was discovered, Singh, in his affidavit, said that the briefings were conducted according to established procedure and practice. “sensitive cases”.
ARG had also alleged that by arresting some of its employees, including Ghanshyam Singh, Republic TV’s assistant vice president of distribution, the Mumbai police abused their powers.
Denying the allegations, the police, in their affidavit, said that, contrary to the channel’s claims, Ghanshyam Singh had refused to cooperate with their investigation.
Police also provided an affidavit in a related plea by Hansa Research Group, the whistleblower in the TRP case, seeking the transfer of the investigation to the CBI.
Police said Hansa approached HC with “ulterior motive” after the investigation began to expose a “nexus” between the investigation group and television channels.
The TRP scam was discovered earlier this year when BARC filed a complaint through Hansa about an alleged manipulation of audience ratings.

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