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The Supreme Court justices are the most powerful, but have no protection against jokes: Comedian Kunal Kamra | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court justices are the most powerful, but they do not enjoy protection against jokes, said comedian Kunal Kamra, who faces contempt for allegedly caricaturing the Supreme Court in an unworthy and derogatory way.
The comedian argued that his jokes don’t get in the way of the judges and their work.
“I do not believe that any high authority, including judges, will be unable to fulfill their duties just because they are the subject of satire or joke,” said Kamra.
The Supreme Court had notified Kamra of requests for contempt proceedings against him and another cartoonist, Rachita Taneja, for allegedly denigrating the judiciary and judges.
The court is scheduled to hear these petitions later in the day before Kamra filed his statements in response to SC’s notification.
The comedian said irreverence and hyperbole are essential tools for comic endeavor.
“I think there is a growing culture of intolerance in the country, where taking offense is considered a fundamental right and rises to the status of highly regarded national indoor sports,” said Kamra.

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