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The first session of SC 71 years ago must be commemorated every year: CJI | India News


New Delhi – Took the 47th edition of the CJI SA to turn the pages of history and recall that the Supreme Court headed by the first CJI Harilal Jekisundas Kania held its first session 71 years ago on January 28, 1950 and advocated for its commemoration every year as a major milestone in India’s justice administration system.
With the assistance of Attorney General KK Venugopal and Attorney General Tushar Mehta via video conference, CJI Bobde said that the first session took place in the House of Princes, a part of the House of Parliament, and that the high court began his judicial work with the judges that make up the CJI. Kania and the judges S Fazl Ali, M Patanjali Sastri, MC Mahajan, BK Mukherjea and SR Das. The SCI succeeded the Federal Court on January 26, 1950, when India became a Republic.
“The opening proceedings at the SCI were attended by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, his Cabinet colleagues and Attorney General MC Setalvad. Today is that day. For both the bar and the court, this is of immense importance. It is an event of honor. , although not celebrated. Maybe someone can start observing it each year in commemoration of the first session of the SC. We may not have a holiday, but we can mark this day to celebrate the first session of the SC, “Judge Bobde said. Venugopal and Mehta agreed with the CJI, who ensured that the SC was illuminated at night.
Hailing from Gujarat, Judge Kania, 55, with 15 years as a judge of the Bombay High Court, was appointed a Federal Court judge on June 20, 1946, when India was on the brink of independence from colonial rule. The 60-year-old Judge Ali, who was the first Chief Justice of India in Patna and had spent 19 years there as a judge, was appointed to the Federal Court on June 9, 1947. Judge Ali replaced the Judge Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, who had opted for Pakistan and resigned on June 8, 1947.
When Chief Justice Sir William Patrick Spens resigned on August 13, 1947, Justice Kania was appointed Chief Justice. Judge Kania was not the favorite of Prime Minister Nehru and the intervention of the Minister of the Interior, Sardar Patel, was necessary to overcome the reservation of the prime minister against the appointment of the first president of the Indian federal court. At the time of Independence, the Federal Court, which had a sanction strength Out of seven judges, including CJI, there were only two judges: CJI Kania and Judge Ali.
On December 6, 1947 Judge Sastri, from Madras HC, was appointed Federal Court judge at the age of 58. Judges Mahajan (from Punjab) and Mukherjea (Calcutta HC) were appointed as Federal Court Judges on October 4, 1948. The last to join the Federal Court as a Judge was Judge SR Das (Calcutta HC), who was appointed the January 20, 1950.
However, the Supreme Court of India reached its full strength of eight justices, including the CJI, much later. N. Chandrasekhara Aiyar was appointed a judge on September 23, 1950. The appointment of Judge Vivian Bose as judge on March 5, 1951 brought the CV to full force.

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