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President Mentions Kisan Rail of Railways in Speech in Parliament | India News


NEW DELHI: The railroads’ ambitious Kisan Rail project found mention in President Ram Nath Kovind’s speech in Parliament on Friday, indicating its importance to the government as a service to the agricultural sector.
Announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the 2020 Budget, the service was established through public-private partnership (PPP) mode for a cold supply chain for the transport of perishable goods.
“The Kisan Railway, started across the country, is helping chart a new course by increasing Indian farmers’ access to new markets. This railway is like a mobile cold store. So far, more than 100 have been put into operation Kisan trains, which have enabled farmers to transport more than 38,000 tons of cereals, fruits and vegetables from one region to another, ”said the president.
The first train service of this type was launched in August last year between Devlali in Maharashtra and Danapur in Bihar.
The railway aims to help double the income of farmers with the launch of Kisan Rail. These trains will help transport perishable agricultural products like vegetables and fruits to market in a short period of time. The frozen container trains are expected to build a seamless national cold supply chain for perishable goods, including fish, meat and milk.
Farmers or anyone else can directly book their shipments on these trains with no lower size limit.
“The shipment can be as small as 50-100 kg and can be booked from any stopping station to any other, giving full flexibility (to farmers),” said an official.
The officials also said that in case there is any loss or damage to any product for any reason, the railways will follow their usual compensation system.
The latest Kisan Rail service launched between West Bengal and Nagaland on Friday.
Taking another step towards realizing the determination to double farmers’ incomes, Kisan Rail is launching from Tarkeshwar, West Bengal to Dimapur, Nagaland starting today.
“This train will play an important role in the development of agriculture and farmers in the Northeast,” Railroad Minister Piyush Goyal said in tweets.

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