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Missile Vaccines, India Proved Its Worth: PM | India News


NEW DELHI: Noting that the country has demonstrated its capabilities on all fronts, whether in developing the protective shield for Covid-19 vaccines or modern missiles to deter those who challenge our borders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the Thursday that India will soon also be known as a major producer of weapons systems.
Addressing a National Cadet Corps (NCC) rally here, the prime minister said that if India had become “aatmanirbhar” (self-sufficient) in the battle against the Covid pandemic by producing two vaccines, he was also dealing with Equal vigor of modernizing your Armed Forces from 13 lakh.
Every step is being taken to ensure that the Army, Navy and IAF obtain excellent “war machines,” he said, citing the example of the 36 advanced Rafale fighter jets that were brought in by the IAF under the 59,000 deal. crore rupees signed with France in September 2016..
The three new Rafales that landed in India from France on Wednesday night to join the eight aircraft of this type already installed were refueled in the air by the UAE Air Force Airbus MRTT tankers, with assistance also extended. by Saudi Arabia and Greece, during its flight of more than 7,000 km. “It underscores India’s friendship with Middle Eastern countries,” Modi said.
Speaking of his government’s efforts to boost domestic defense production, he said: “India will soon be known as a great producer of defense equipment, rather than just being a huge market as it is today.”
According to the announcement made by the prime minister on Independence Day last year, the armed forces are now training one lakh of NCC cadets, and a third of them are girl cadets.
“Whether it’s the floods or any other calamity, the NCC cadets helped the people of this country last year. Their work is commendable, ”he said.

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