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India’s Active Covid-19 Case Count Shrinks to 1.71 Lakh; positivity rate falls to 5.50% | India News


NEW DELHI: Maintaining a downward movement, the active Covid-19 case count in India has dropped to 1.71 lakh (1.71,686), which is only 1.60 percent of total infections, while the national cumulative positivity rate has fallen to 5.50 percent, the Union Health Ministry said on Friday.
The country’s accumulated tests for the detection of coronavirus infection have exceeded 19.5 million rupees (19.50,81,079) with 7,42,306 tests conducted on Thursday.
“The national cumulative positivity rate has fallen to 5.50 percent,” the ministry said.
India’s number of cases per million people is one of the lowest in comparison globally at 7,768, he said.
“The count is much higher for countries like Germany, Russia, Italy, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom and the United States,” the ministry said.
He said 17 states and UT have cases per million lower than the national average (7,768).
As of 8 a.m. on January 28, nearly 30 lakh (29,28,053) beneficiaries have received coronavirus vaccines as part of the Covid-19 vaccination exercise across the country, he said.
In a period of 24 hours, 5,72,060 health workers were vaccinated in 10,205 sessions. The ministry said 52,878 sessions have been held so far.
“The number of beneficiaries who are vaccinated every day has shown a progressive increase,” the ministry stressed, adding that 72.46 percent of all vaccinated beneficiaries are from 10 states.
Uttar Pradesh represents the highest proportion of beneficiaries vaccinated, followed by Karnataka and Rajasthan.
India’s cumulative recoveries have risen to 1,03,94,352. A total of 18,855 new daily cases have been registered in a period of 24 hours, while 20,746 patients have recovered during the same period.
Chhattisgarh has reported 6,451 cases, 6,479 discharges and 35 deaths since its last report. The jump in the figures, according to the State Health Department, is due to the reconciliation of the numbers of cases, discharges and deaths at the district and state level, the ministry said.
He said that it is observed that 85.36 percent of the new recovered cases are concentrated in seven states and UT.
Chhattisgarh has reported the highest number of single-day recoveries with 6,479 newly recovered cases. In Kerala, 5,594 people recovered within 24 hours, followed by 3,181 in Maharashtra.
The ministry said 85.73 percent of new cases come from five states and UT, adding that Chhattisgarh reported the highest daily new cases at 6,451.
“As mentioned above, the jump in the figures is due to the reconciliation of the numbers of cases, casualties and deaths at the district and state level,” the ministry stressed.
Kerala follows with 5,771, while Maharashtra reported 2,889 new cases. He added that 163 deaths have been registered in a period of 24 hours.
Eight states and UT account for 85.89 percent of the new deaths. Maharashtra saw the most casualties (50). It is followed by Chhattisgarh with 35 daily deaths and Kerala with 19.
In total, 19 states and UT have deaths per million below the national average (112), the ministry added.

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