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Center Strikes, Says SC Sitting On 23 Judges’ Names For Months | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center said on Friday before blaming the government for the delay in appointing superior court justices, that the Supreme Court would do well to put its house in order by expediting a decision on 23 names proposed by the HCs that have been pending consideration by the SC collegiate for periods between nine months and 33 months.
A bank of the Chief Justice of India A Bobde and Justices SK Kaul and Sanjiv Khanna had told Attorney General KK Venugopal on Wednesday that up to 103 names submitted by various HCs to the government had yet to be processed and sent to the SC college for your consideration. . The court had also told the Attorney General that 47 new proposals were pending with the SC collegiate, as well as 23 cases in which a decision had been deferred. A graph produced by Judge Kaul, who is not a member of the college, showed that 16 college recommendations for the appointment of judges were pending with the government.
Sources from the Ministry of Justice pointed out the 23 pending proposals with the SC college and said that five of them referred to Calcutta HC. He said that the HC collegiate recommended the name of a defender and that it was pending consideration by the SC college since May 11, 2018, when Judge Diapk Misra was the CJI. Even after a lapse of 33 months, there was no final decision on the proposal. The names of the other four defenders have been pending with the SC college since July 24, 2019, that is, for more than 18 months.
Similarly, the name of a defender for the appointment as judge of Madras HC was pending at the college for 23 months, a proposal for the appointment of two judicial officials as judges of Andhra Pradesh HC and two judicial officials as judges of Telangana HC it was pending for 22 months. Ministry sources said.
The name of an advocate, recommended by Delhi HC, was repeatedly deferred by the SC college for the past 18 months. Proposals for HC judge appointments pending for one year included one for each of the Karnataka, J&K and Punjab HC; two for Kerala and Rajasthan. The proposal for the appointment of an ombudsman for Karnataka HC has been pending at the college for nine months.
The 25 CS, with an authorized staff of 1,080 judges, are working with 663 judges, leaving a vacancy of 417 posts (39%). With the burden of the case touching almost 45 lakh, HCs with a depleted judge force find it extremely difficult to deal with the slope, which would still be a Herculean task even at full strength.

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