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Amarinder Condemns Singhu Border Violence, Says This Is What Pakistan Wants | India News


CHANDIGARH: Condemning the violence of “some criminals” on the Singhu border on Friday, Punjab’s Chief Minister Amarinder Singh urged the Center to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the “alleged” locals who had allegedly breached the straits. security cordons to attack farmers and their property.
“Were they really local?” Amarinder asked, seeking a proper investigation to identify the rioters and determine where they came from.
“I can’t believe that local people have turned against farmers in this way. The wrongdoers could have been brought in from elsewhere by vested interests to foment trouble, ”he said, adding that“ the locals call the farmers traitors ”was not something he could believe was true.
Calling for an immediate end to the “smear campaign” launched against farmers in the wake of the Red Fort violence, Amarinder warned that smearing farmers in this way could increase the morale of the armed forces, 20% of the which are from Punjab, get off.
Spreading false information against farmers can create divisions, which can cause problems for Punjab, he further warned, urging the media to handle the situation appropriately and sensitively.
“What is happening and what happened in Singhu is what Pakistan wants,” Amarinder said, noting that he had been warning for a long time that Pakistan will try to exploit the Agricultural Law unrest to disturb the peace of Punjab.
That was what he had discussed with the Union Interior Minister also during their meeting, about which a lot of noise was raised, he said, adding that he had told HM that the drones were coming from Pakistan with weapons, drugs, etc. , and while many would have been captured in Punjab, some would have passed.
Central agencies should investigate Pakistan’s possible role in the recent unrest and violence during the farmers’ upheaval, he said.
Amarinder advised the farmers and the Center to continue talking to solve the problem. “It could have solved the problem by now,” he said.
Noting that Punjab had been through bad times during its terror days, no further unrest would be desirable, he said.
He also strongly opposed those who insulted farmers.
People have different ideologies, but they cannot be called “leftists, Maoists, Naxals and Khalistanis” in this way, he said.
In response to allegations that he (Amarinder) was behind the farmers’ agitation, the prime minister said that “the tragic part of the BJP is to allow itself all this without trying to understand why the farmers are angry, why they don’t want to laws”.
“We have small farmers and the elimination of the MSP or the end of the Arhtiya system will affect them a lot,” he said, adding that “the Center does not understand the psyche of the Punjab farmers.
However, he made it clear that while Punjab farmers may have led the upheaval initially, the movement had now spread across the country.

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