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44 arrested for violence on the Singhu border | India News

NEW DELHI: Delhi police arrested 44 people, including the man who attacked SHO Alipur in the violence that erupted Friday afternoon at the Singhu border.
At Alipur Police Station, Delhi, a criminal case has been registered in various sections, including attempted murder, and an investigation has been launched.
“Defendant Ranjeet Singh, a 22-year-old resident of Kazampur Village, Distt Naya Shehar, PS Rahu, Punjab, who attacked SHO Alipur with a sword, has been arrested at the scene,” said a senior official from police.
The situation on Delhi’s Haryana border in Singhu deteriorated on Friday afternoon as villagers clashed with protesting farmers after one thing led to another and the crowd was seen armed with stones, lathis and swords. One police officer among others was injured.
A group of men, who claimed to be from nearby towns and wanted to clear the road blockage of more than two months, confronted the farmers after heated discussions and then the locals damaged the shops, leading to stones from both sides. The situation was brought under control an hour later.

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