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UP, Karnataka, Bihar Top List in Biweekly Covid Testing | India News


NEW DELHI: Testing and tracing are key to containing the coronavirus pandemic, but are states testing enough people for Covid-19 infections? A TOI sample study shows that Kerala, which had added more than 70,600 cases in just 14 days, conducted a total of 7.42 lakh tests during the same period between January 9 and January 22.
It has emerged that Kerala, despite having a 10% positivity rate (total confirmed cases per 100 tests), has not improved its tests as much as necessary. Total tests conducted by the state improved slightly from 7.1 lakh during December 27 to January 9 to 7.4 lakh in the following fortnight.
In comparison, UP, with a positivity rate of 0.3%, leads all states with biweekly Covid tests of 16.7 lakh, followed by Karnataka (12.3 lakh), Bihar
(11.4 lakh), Delhi (8.9 lakh), TN
(7.54 lakh) and Kerala and Maharashtra (7.4 lakh each).
While most states in India have controlled the pandemic with positivity rate below 1%, Kerala and Maharashtra are the only ones still in the red zone at 9.5% and 5% respectively. . A positivity rate greater than 5% indicates the fact that a state performs fewer tests and only the sickest. A drop in daily caseloads has also been reflected in tests across India, which have dropped from Rs 1.2 crore during Dec 27 to Jan 9 to 90.5 lakh in the next fortnight ending. January 22.
UP and Bihar are the only states that have tested more than 2 million rupees so far. The total number of tests in UP, as of January 26, is 2.7 crore and in Bihar 2.1 crore. Maharashtra, which has the highest number of cases of just over 20.1 lakh and more than 50,000 deaths reported so far, has tested 1.4 million rupees to date, less than Karnataka.
(1.7 crore), TN (1.6 crore) and Andhra Pradesh (1.3 crore).

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