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The parents of Jugraj, “standard bearer” of the Red Fort, flee from the village of Punjab | India News


WAN TARA SINGH (TARN TARAN): Jugraj Singh’s family members and some villagers, who were previously excited that he would supposedly raise the Khalsa flag atop the Red Fort, sounded somewhat regretful and fearful of possible police action on Wednesday.
Jugraj, a 23-year-old from Wan Tara Singh, is believed to have hoisted the Nishan Sahib off the walls of the Red Fort on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Jugraj’s parents allegedly fled their village, leaving their grandparents behind to confront the police and the media. “Bari kripa hai Babae di, bahut sohan hai” was the reaction of Jugraj’s grandfather, Mehal Singh, on Tuesday when asked how he felt about his grandson’s alleged act. However, a day later, while answering the same question, Mehal Singh replied, “We don’t know what or how it happened, he’s a decent boy who never gave us any reason to complain.”
Villagers said the police had “raided” Jugraj’s house several times and returned empty-handed. A village elder, Prem Singh, who was also present at Mehal’s home, said that he had seen the incident on television.
“Jugraj’s act is definitely unfortunate, but this innocent young boy did not know the consequences of raising a flag like that in Lal Qila. But then it was a spontaneous and unplanned act, I myself saw on TV that the flags were already flying on the tractors. Someone gave him a flag and encouraged him to hoist it and he climbed to the top, “said Prem Singh, adding that Jugraj was a child laborer.

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