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R-Day Violence: Antiquities inside the Red Fort missing, paintings damaged, says Union minister | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Minister of Culture and Tourism Prahlad Patel said Thursday that some antiques inside the Red Fort are missing and paintings displayed in the Republic Day parade are damaged, two days after a section of farmers protesting to besiege the iconic structure.
During the parade of farmers’ tractors on Republic Day, a group of farmers had entered the Red Fort premises and climbed the ramparts.
“All the paintings are kept in the Red Fort facilities after the Republic Day celebrations. The public sees them for seven to 15 days. When I went there, I saw that they were damaged. These include the painting from the Ministry of Culture and the Ram Mandir Chart. In fact, all the charts have been altered, “Patel told a news conference.
He further said that while an assessment of monetary loss in violence can be determined, he was more concerned about the loss of priceless antiques.
“Antiquities are priceless. While we can access the monetary loss, how can we measure the loss of antiquities? The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act (or AMASR Act) was formulated to protest the treasures of the past. This is the major loss, “he said.
Previously, Patel had ordered an investigation into the matter and even sought a report from the ASI.
“The exterior lights were destroyed, the information center on the first floor was damaged. The place where the flag is permanently displayed, which is the safest and most significant area, there were bronze antiques, two of which are missing, ”he said.
He said action will be taken under Section 30 of the AMASR Act against those guilty of the crimes.

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