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Prominent economist Shaibal Gupta dies at 67; Nitish Announces Cremation With State Honors | India News


PATNA: Prominent economist Shaibal Gupta passed away Thursday night after a prolonged illness. He was 67 years old.
A statement issued by the Asia Development Research Institute (ADRI), which was founded by Gupta, stated that he had been suffering from chronic health problems for some time and was hospitalized a couple of days ago.
In addition to being a renowned social scientist, he was widely known as an institution builder, and the establishment of ADRI was his most important achievement. His contribution to the field of development economics in general and Bihar’s development challenges in particular had received wide attention both in India and abroad.
Gupta has been doing research in the field of economics and industrial economics for the past two decades. He was also director of the Center for Economic Policy and Public Finance (CEPPF), which the government of Bihar has created at ADRI as a dedicated center for research on public finance.
Gupta has worked on various research projects with the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex; International Labor Organization; World Bank and London School of Economics.
He was also a highly knowledgeable commentator on social and political issues.
He is survived by his wife, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, who were by his bedside at the time of his departure.
People from various sectors of society expressed their condolences for his passing. CM Nitish Kumar said in his message of condolence that Gupta’s cremation will be done with state honors.
“Gupta made important contributions to various economic reforms in Bihar by being a member of the state finance commission, as well as several other bodies. I had personal relationships with Shaibal Gupta Ji. I am deeply saddened by his passing, ”Nitish said.
Former CM MP and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi said that the Bihar government’s annual economic survey was prepared on the basis of economic and social studies conducted by Gupta and other ADRI experts.
Senior BJP officials, including the head of the party in Bihar, Bhupendra Yadav, said that Gupta played a key role in important economic institutions not only in Bihar, but throughout the country and the entire world. Union Minister Nityanand Rai said that the economic and social development sectors have suffered a profound loss with Gupta’s disappearance. BJP State Chairman Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal, Party State General Secretary Devesh Kumar, as well as RJD National Vice Chairman Shivanand Tiwari also condemned Gupta’s disappearance.

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