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Maharashtra is the best state in providing justice again, Tamil Nadu a close second: Report | India News


MUMBAI: Maharashtra ranks first in the second edition of the India Justice Report (IJR) 2020, which judges states on delivering justice to people. Released on Thursday, the report said Maharashtra maintained its number one position among 18 large and medium-sized states, each with a population of more than one crore, followed by Tamil Nadu, which improved its ranking from its previous third position in 2019, and Telangana. .
The IJR tracked the rise and fall in each state’s structural and financial capacity to deliver justice, using the latest available government figures on budgets, human resources, infrastructure, workload, and diversity in the police, judiciary, prisons. and legal assistance in 25 states.

Time view

The fact that two-thirds of the prisoners are minors is a telling comment on how slowly the wheels of justice turn in India. These detainees are trapped in helpless limbo. This is a human rights problem. Such a high number of pending trials only highlights the imperative need to speed up the judicial process, which translates into more judges and more seats.

Telangana showed the biggest improvement in justice delivery and ranking, climbing to third position from 11th in 2019, while Kerala went from second in 2019 to fifth in 2020. The list of seven small states (population of less than one crore each) was surpassed by Tripura (2019: seventh), followed by Sikkim (2019: second) and Goa (2019: third).
The report, an initiative of the Tata Trusts in collaboration with the Center for Social Justice, Common Cause, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, DAKSH, Tiss-Prayas, Vidhi and How India Live 2020, highlights stark findings when aggregated for a image from all over India.
The report said that “two-thirds of the country’s prisoners have not yet been convicted” or acquitted. In the past 25 years, only 1.5 million people have received legal assistance, although 80% of the population is entitled to it, and women represent only 29% of judges in India. Maharashtra experienced a decrease in the number of policewomen (less than 10% are women) but an increase in the number of women overall. Gujarat was the only state that saw an increase in the employment of women in police departments, prisons and the judiciary in 2020.
“In 27 states, the proportion of women judges in subordinate courts has improved. However, in the higher courts, the increase is seen less and the glass ceiling remains, ”says the report. Andhra Pradesh has the highest percentage of female HC judges with 19%, followed by Haryana with 18.2% and Tamil Nadu in third place with 16.7%. Eleven of the 18 large and medium states have more than 33% women in the subordinate judiciary as judges; four states (Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Punjab) have more than 40%.

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