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India has successfully contained the coronavirus pandemic; there are no new cases in 5th of the country: Minister of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: India has successfully contained its coronavirus pandemic and more than a fifth of the country has reported no new cases in the past 14 days, according to Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan.
“India has flattened its Covid-19 chart. India has successfully contained the pandemic,” said the Health Minister.
On Thursday, the country reported fewer than 12,000 cases in the last 24 hours and the number of active cases dropped to 1.73 lakh. The immunization program, which began on January 16, has so far covered 2.4 million people with the goal of vaccinating 300 million people by July-August.

Since the beginning of January, fewer than 20,000 cases are reported each day. The numbers are substantially lower than the more than 95,000 cases that were reported in mid-September. Two days ago, the country registered just over 9,000 cases on January 26.
No positive case in the last 14 days in a fifth of the country
In one fifth of the country, that is, 146 districts out of 718, have not reported positive cases in the last 14 days.
“A total of 146 districts across the country have not registered new cases during the last seven days, 18 during the last 14 days, six during 21 days and 21 districts have not reported new cases of the coronavirus infection in the last 28 days. “said Vardhan. said.
There are more than 100 districts in the country where the cumulative total of cases is less than 1,000.

With a steady increase in cumulative recoveries, India’s Covid-19 recovery rate has reached almost 97%, which is one of the highest globally, the Union Health Ministry said on Thursday.

With 14,301 patients discharged within 24 hours, total Covid-19 recoveries have risen to 1,03,73,606.
India’s total number of active cases has dropped to 1.73,740 and now represents only 1.62% of total cases.

Vardhan reported that a meager 0.46% of the 1.73 lakh of active Covid-19 cases are on ventilators, 2.20% are in the ICU and 3.02% are on oxygen support.
Group immunity
Some studies have suggested foci of India they have achieved herd immunity through natural infection.
Thyrocare Technologies Ltd, one of India’s three major diagnostic chains, told Reuters that antibody tests it had performed on more than 700,000 people showed that 55% of the country’s population was already infected. The World Health Organization says that at least 60% to 70% of the population needs to have immunity to break the chain of transmission.

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