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In 2020, India showed capacity to face all challenges, be it from coronavirus or at borders: PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that India proved in 2020 that it is capable of taking all measures to meet the challenges, be it from the coronavirus or at its borders.
“We have to strengthen the emotion with which we faced the great challenges last year, with one nation, with one heart. We have to completely eliminate the harmful effects of the pandemic on our economy,” he said at a National Corps rally. Cadets (NCC) here.
According to government projections released earlier this month, India’s GDP is estimated to contract by a record 7.7 percent during 2020-21 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Prime Minister said: “In the past year, India has shown that it is capable of taking action to meet all challenges, be it from coronavirus or at its borders.”
The Indian and Chinese armed forces have been embroiled in a bitter border clash in eastern Ladakh since May last year.
“Whether it is developing a protective shield for the vaccine or destroying the intentions of those who challenge India with modern missiles, the country is capable on all fronts,” he stressed.
If India is ‘aatmanirbhar’ (self-sufficient) in vaccines, it is also trying with equal vigor to modernize its armed forces, Modi said.
The Prime Minister stated that all measures are being taken to ensure that each wing of India’s armed forces is the best, adding that the country now has excellent “war machines”.
Referring to the air refueling of three Rafale fighter jets as they headed to India on Wednesday, Modi said it was done in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and that Greece also helped. “This highlights our growing ties with the Gulf countries,” he said.
This was the third batch of Rafale fighter jets to arrive in India after flying nonstop from France.
On his government’s efforts to boost domestic defense manufacturing, Modi said, “India will soon be known as a large defense equipment producer rather than a large market as it is today.”
He said the indigenously developed Tejas fighter jet is displaying its glory in the sky and sea and the government recently placed an order for more than 80 of these jets.
“India is focusing on all the research and development necessary to not be left behind in developing warfare capabilities related to artificial intelligence,” Modi said.
There was a time, the Prime Minister said, when Naxalism used to be a big problem and hundreds of districts in the country were affected by it.
“However, Naxalism was brought under control when the sense of duty among the local population and the courage of the security services came together. Today, Naxalism is limited to a few districts of the country,” he added.
When the people of this country came together, they were able to deal with the coronavirus pandemic successfully, he said.

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