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UP MLA Surendra Singh of BJP Accuses Party MP Virendra Singh Mast of Land Grabbing | India News


BALLIA: BJP Uttar Pradesh MLA Surendra Singh accused party MP Virendra Singh Mast of land grabbing and said she will sit on a 101-hour fast for common sense to prevail in Ballia MP and District Magistrate .
The Bairia legislator has also alleged that District Magistrate HP Shahi was working under pressure from the MP.
In response to the accusation, the MP’s private secretary, Aman Singh, said the BJP MLA has become “mentally bankrupt.”
“Instead of making accusations in the media, the MLA should have fought a legal battle,” he said, adding that Virendra Singh Mast would not respond to the accusation.
The lawmaker told reporters on Tuesday: “BJP MP Virendra Singh Mast has seized more than 18 acres of land in the name of her son, brother and nephew through a forgery. It is a land mafia.”
The Ballia district magistrate was under pressure, Surendra Singh alleged, adding that he would do a 101-hour fast for the DM and MP’s “buddhi shuddhi”.
The day and date of the fast will be announced soon, he said.
However, on Tuesday, the MP, when addressing a program in Bairia, claimed that no other MP or legislator was more powerful than him.
“Everybody knows what happens to those who create obstacles in the work of others. I’ve been here for the last five or six months seeing everything,” Mast said.
“No one can do good to society after generating hatred. I don’t talk much, but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of anyone,” he added.
On Wednesday afternoon, the differences between the MLA and MP came to light again during a meeting of the district’s watchdog and monitoring committee when supporters of both legislators exchanged expletives off-site, the sources said.
MLA Surendra Singh, who boycotted the meeting after allegedly being interrupted by an MP supporter, claimed that Virendra Singh Mast managed to get unauthorized people to sit at the meeting where he wanted to raise the issue of the alleged land grabbing.
The MP, however, said: “There was no problem at the meeting. The MLA was pressuring the officers to do a dishonest job. I know who can attend the meeting and how it is conducted.”
District Magistrate HP Shahi declined to comment on the matter.

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