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TN shows the way, reduces road deaths by 54% in 4 years | India News


NEW DELHI: Robust ambulance services and highway patrol teams can dramatically reduce road deaths, as was evident in Tamil Nadu, where road traffic fatalities fell by 54% in 4 years, from 17,218 deaths in 2016 to 7,287 in 2020. Eager to adopt the Tamil Nadu model, Maharashtra announced on Tuesday that it would implement it.
Venkatesh Balasubramanian of IIT-M said Tuesday that even if the 2020 traffic accident and fatality data due to the lockdown is not taken into account, Tamil Nadu has been seeing a continuous decline in deaths since 2016.
Now, the Ministry of Road Transport and the World Bank will propagate the TN model, identifying the exact cause of deaths, the ambulance arriving at the site in 13 minutes, rectifying the crash sites, and fluid coordination between various agencies, which others can adopt to verify the number of deaths on the road. The state deploys ambulances after identifying accident-prone locations, which has greatly reduced response time. Balasubramanian said that one of the approaches is to save as many lives as possible in the event of any accident.
India loses 415 lives per day in road accidents, the highest number in the world. “If we keep waiting until 2030, at least 6-7 lakh people will die due to road accidents. If Tamil Nadu can do it, all states can move forward, ”said Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, launching the month-long road safety campaign.
Elaborating on Tamil Nadu, a state transportation department official said steps include collecting robust data on accidents, identifying and removing ‘black spots’, providing emergency and medical care, educating the Drivers on safe driving and police and transport wing app. The state transportation minister holds a meeting of all branches interested in road safety every three months and the collector of each district chairs a meeting every month. Performance on the road safety front has become a critical input when analyzing the performance of field officers in their annual performance reports.
Times View: Tamil Nadu is to be congratulated for presenting a successful model that helps reduce road deaths. It would be even better if other states adopted this model, with the necessary local adjustments.
India is the world capital of road death. The sooner the tag is lost, the better.

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