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National security is an excuse to ban apps, says China, tells India not to hurt ties | India News


NEW DELHI: Calling for India’s permanent ban on 59 discriminatory Chinese mobile apps, Beijing on Wednesday he accused India of repeatedly using national security as an excuse to take actions that violate WTO rules.
The Chinese embassy here urged the Indian government to immediately correct its “discriminatory measures” and avoid causing further damage to bilateral cooperation. He said that since last year, the Indian side had repeatedly used national security as an excuse to “ban some mobile apps with a Chinese background” and that the Chinese side strongly opposed India’s actions. “These measures, in violation of the non-discrimination principles of the WTO and the principles of fair competition of the market economy, seriously harm the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies,” said spokesman Ji Rong.
India banned 59 Chinese apps amid the military standoff across LAC last June. In September, 118 more Chinese apps were blocked.
The Information Technology Ministry had blocked the applications under Section 6A of the Information Technology Act after learning of the applications involved in activities damaging to the sovereignty and integrity of India. The spokesperson said that the Chinese government always asked Chinese companies to respect international rules and local laws and regulations when doing business abroad.
“The Indian government has the responsibility to follow WTO rules and market principles and protect the legitimate rights and interests of international investors, including Chinese companies. These moves by the Indian government have also hampered the improvement of the Indian business environment and the innovative development of related Indian industries, ”said the official, adding that the China-India economic and trade cooperation was mutually beneficial.

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